Medical Practitioner Fees

Medical practitioners should regard themselves as being free, and duty bound, to make their own judgement as to what fees they will charge for any service. Medical practitioners should satisfy themselves in each individual case as to a fair and reasonable fee having regard to their own practice cost experience and the particular circumstances of the case and the patient.

The AMA encourages medical practitioners to determine their fees based on their own practice costs. The cost of running medical practices which varies across the country, includes employing practice staff and operating expenses such as computers, rent, electricity, general insurance and professional insurance.

The AMA Fees List

The AMA publishes the List of Medical Services and Fees (Fees List) annually. It is provided to members for costing assistance and guidance only.

From 1974 to 2016 the Fees List was printed and distributed in hard copy book format. From 2017, the Fees List has been completely modernised and is now being delivered exclusively online.

The AMA Fees List assists medical practitioners in determining their fees and provides an important reference for those in medical practice.

A number of resources and tools are also available with the AMA Fees List including:

  • Electronic files to download into practice software
  • Online calculators to help determine practice fees
  • Interactive dashboard to find, search and save AMA fees
  • Downloadable practice resources