Get the basics of AMA fees list, plus pick up some advanced tips and tricks.

UPDATE: The 8 June 2022 update to the November 2021 edition of the AMA Fees List is NOW available. This update reflects the permanent Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) telehealth items that came into effect on 1 January 2022. This update also includes changes to 3 cardiac attendance and procedural items (from 1 January 2022 MBS update) and 7 items from MBS 1 November 2021 update (rTMS, Faecal Calprotectin testing and Continuous Ambulatory Blood Pressure recording).  
To download the latest AMA Fees List files Click here.
The 1 March to 1 July 2022 MBS changes (including pain management, gynaecology and colorectal items) are currently under review and will be reflected in the AMA Fees List as soon as possible.
For information on the MBS changes please visit MBS online here.  
Draft fees for some items that are yet to be published are available by contacting the AMA Fees List team at
NOTE: Section 1.2.1 Multiple Operations Rule of the AMA Guiding Principles - General Notes was amended on 30/6/2022 to simplify interpretation of the rules.


Any questions? Here are some frequently asked ones.

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  • How do I subscribe? (non-AMA Members)

    Non-AMA Members and Third Parties will now have full access to the AMA Fees List online through a new online subscription process.

    All new and existing Fees List subscribers are first required to sign-up by creating an online account. The account must then be verified by the AMA (within one business day). A confirmation email will be sent to notifying the account has been verified, allowing users to login and purchase the Fees List.

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    Managing my subscription

    Account 'Managers' are able to administer all user accounts under one subscription.

    For example, an account manager who purchases a multiple user subscription can allocate individual logins to eligible users of the account.  All subscribed users will have the same access to the AMA Fees List online content.

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  • What is the process for getting a new item on the MBS?

    The Comprehensive Management Framework for the MBS was announced by the Government in the 2011-12 Budget. The Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) will review the clinical quality and appropriateness of MBS items and fees, and provide advice to the Minister for Health and Sport on medical services to be subsidised through the MBS. Further information on MSAC is available at

    Applicants are encouraged to contact the MSAC Secretariat for a preliminary discussion about the application process prior to submitting an application.

  • What do I do if there is no Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) item for a service I provide?

    When in doubt about an item always check with Medicare Australia before claiming. There is no "best fit" item in the MBS. Where no MBS item exists patients should be advised that no rebate is available.

  • Can I claim a Medicare item for a Death or Cremation Certificate?

    A Medicare benefit is not payable for issuing a Death Certificate, however an attendance on a patient on which it is determined that life is extinct can be claimed under the appropriate Medicare item. For additional information please refer to MBS Explanatory Notes A.3

  • What are the tax effects of the Medical Indemnity Subsidy Scheme?

    The medical indemnity premium is a tax deductible expense, the subsidy reduces this expense. If the subsidy is to be received in cash, it will form part of taxable income. There will be no GST component in the subsidy.

  • Does the IBNR refund include GST?

    There is no GST component in the refund because there was none in the levy itself.

  • Is the IBNR refund taxable?

    Yes. The incurred but not reported (IBNR) levy was a deductible expense, so therefore any refund of it becomes part of assessable income.

  • I have received a subpoena for my clinical notes and a cheque for approximately $30 to cover expenses. My expenses for complying with the subpoena exceed this payment - can I ask for more money and do I have to comply with the subpoena?

    Firstly, you must comply with a valid subpoena, which is one issued by the Court/Tribunal and accompanied by the prescribed conduct money. Secondly, the $30 (approx) fee (i.e. the conduct money) provided is to cover the cost of postage and handling. It does not cover the expenses involved with photocopying. You are well within your rights to advise the requesting solicitor of what your expenses will be/are. If agreement cannot be reached with the requesting solicitor, please contact your State AMA and they may intervene with the solicitor for you. As a final resort, you may apply to the Court to have any reasonable expenses, exceeding the conduct money, reimbursed.

    In cases where the subpoena is not accompanied by the conduct money please notify the relevant Court/Tribunal that there is insufficient money for you to meet the requirements of compliance.

  • What is the scheduled fee for an insurance/medico-legal report or court attendance?

    There is no scheduled fee for reports. Members are advised to assess realistically what their time and skill are worth. The AMA recommends that all fees are discussed with the lawyer/insurance company at the outset, including attendance to give evidence at court and compliance with subpoenas to produce documents. Members should be aware that each State and Territory may set maximum fees for services, particularly in the areas of workers compensation and injuries arising from motor vehicle accidents. Early communication may avoid disputes about fees once the services are performed.

  • Can I charge a cancellation fee?

    This is a fairly grey area. Generally, as long as there is some notice in the surgery notifying patients that a cancellation fee may be charged if they fail to attend an appointment. You may want to take into consideration the patients reason for missing the appointment before billing them. The patient may well refuse to pay the fee and you would probably have little recourse in recovering that fee.

  • Can I request payment before a procedure?

    If the upfront fee is a down-payment on the services to be provided, then the answer is yes. The AMA recommends that the patient check with the doctor as to what services the upfront fee covers them for, and what other charges if any they may be liable for. Patients should also clarify what the refund policies of the practice are in the event that they decide to change doctors or to not go ahead with the treatment/procedure.

  • Do AMA items include GST?

    Almost all medical services provided as treatment for a patient (other than for cosmetic reasons) are GST free. However, there are a range of services that many medical practitioners provide from time to time that are taxable. A list of these services is included in the following section of the AMA list “GST Taxable and Non Taxable Services”at Appendix D, pages 472-478.

    References to GST in the text of this publication are intended as a prompt to alert practitioners to consider the GST status of a particular service rather than as definitive advice. More detailed GST advice is available from the Australian Taxation Office website at:

    This is a complex area and if you are in any doubt about the GST status of a service, you should seek advice from your own professional advisors to verify the GST status of any particular services in its specific context.

  • How can I patient bill when the MBS rebate is dependent upon the histology report i.e. malignant or benign? (Skin items)

    The Doctor's fee should be the same regardless what the results are. The procedure is the same.

  • Can I charge for a repeat prescription?

    Yes, a Doctor can charge a fee for providing a repeat prescription. The AMA does not have policy on charging for prescriptions.

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